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What’s in the Flutter 3.19 Version: Features and Updates?

What’s In The Flutter Version Features And Updates

Flutter SDK is a top-notch software development kit that is used by the majority of software developers today. From time to time, the Flutter SDK comes with updates and new features that are exciting for the development community. 

The newest version of Flutter has new features that promise to make the development process simple and perform well. Flutter maintains its ease of use for beginners and freshers in software development. Bug fixing and smooth operations are designed to improve the usability of the Flutter SDK. So, what is new in the Flutter 3.19 version? Let’s find out!

The Top Features Of The New Flutter 3.19 Version

The latest version of Flutter comes with many new features and improvements on old features, too. Let’s have a look.

1. Gemini Ai Plugin 

The newest Flutter release comes equipped with Gemini AI plugin. The generative AI plugin has a Dart interface, which makes the Flutter for cross-platform app development easier for developers. The AI integration allows the simplification of the algorithm, and the ability to generate text lets developers create apps with minimal effort. 

AI is reaching into different sectors, and the area of automated software development is also supported by AI enhancements such as Gemini. Flutter developers have to adapt to AI generative text and coding as the next versions will only have improvements to the current version, keeping up with the Flutter app development best practices

2. Improved Scrolling

Flutter version 3.19 offers improved scrolling and better responses as the internal bugs have been fixed. Earlier, there was a default speed, and using two fingers would increase the speed of scrolling, which was difficult to control. This version allows the developer to change the scrolling speed configuration so the user is more in control. 

The changes in the scrolling motions are good for the SDK’s usability. Developers can now scroll smoothly on the interface as the bugs related to crashes and fluctuations have been resolved in the latest version.

3. Animation Style Widget 

Update Flutter to the 3.19 version to see a change in the widgets that you work with. The widgets have been updated to Animation Style Widgets, which make them act like animated objects. 

The new feature allows the developer to exercise control over the visual effect and customise the widget according to their needs. The developer can also disable the animation to create still widgets and actions. 

4. Adaptive Switch 

Flutter 3.19 also include an adaptive switch to match the look of the iOS platform for development. The adaptability of the Flutter release 3.19 is also seen across all platforms as it does not use the Cupertino library. 

The look and controls of the Flutter version adapt to different screens and remain consistent throughout. The API does not change, so the developer can use it easily without any hassle. This feature actually helps with large software development teams and cross-platform app development.

5. Impeller Improvements 

The latest version of Flutter also comes with Impeller improvements. The impeller was introduced in the previous version of 3.16. The impeller feature has gone through many improvements and works even better in the 3.19 version. The existing problems with the impeller have been addressed and minimised so that the impeller feature becomes high-performance and highly useful during the development of code. The use of the impeller in its improved state allows the rendering of visual elements at greater speeds and conserves the visual quality so that the images on the client side of the app remain vibrant and interactive. The improvement of the impeller function is beneficial for the UX and the visual interface of the resultant app.

6. Deep Linking Web Validation 

In the earlier versions of Flutter, it was found that developers faced issues when creating deep links for the application with the web. This issue is seemingly resolved in the newest version of Flutter. The new release of Flutter includes a web validation tool that validates the deep links and makes sure that the links work properly. 

The validation tool is one of the best tools for Flutter app development. It helps developers check if the deep links are correctly placed. If the links are not validated, the tool also guides the developer towards the right process to do the same. The validation tool is an amazing assisting tool for beginners, and it makes using Flutter much easier than before.

7. Windows Arm 64 Support 

Flutter is expanding its usage and support with the newest version. The new Flutter updates allow the SDK to run on Windows Arm 64 systems. This improves the list of operating systems on which Flutter can be run. 

The newest Flutter version is only the introductory version for this feature, but it can help developers optimise Windows applications on one platform. The applications developed on Flutter are now compatible with Windows Arm 64 devices.


Flutter is a renowned SDK that has been in use for many years. Each new release of Flutter comes with additional features and new fixes that improve its functions. The latest updates of Flutter have improved the pace and ease of software development. Flutter 3.19 coFmes with a plethora of new features and an improvement on existing features. 

A significant development for the Flutter SDK is the addition of Generative AI attachment in the form of Gemini. The Flutter changelog shows many important changes in the popular SDK. 

At Siddhatech, we work with the most updated version of the Flutter release and usher Flutter app development trends. If you are looking for flutter app development services in India, contact our team.

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