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Siddhatech is a technology partner to enterprises and individuals that are looking to cross over the DIGITAL bridge. The cross over includes providing services from iPhone and Android App development to REST APIs, from Ethereum – Smart Contracts to bespoke Web Applications, from BI / Predictive Analytics to Symfony / DJango / SpringBoot/ Play Frameworks web application development and from SECURITY COMPLIANCE to DevOps and Containerization.


Experience in Smart Contract Development on the Ethereum Platform - frugal and cryptic developers to handle your transactions on BlockChain Technology.


Web application development services in SpringBoot, Play, Symfony, DJango Frameworks.


Services for implementing open source or proprietary messaging solution for Enterprise Solutions.


As a software development methodology, DevOps integrates software development and information technology operations to improve communication.

iPhone Apps

One of the reasons why businesses chose iOS over Android is because of the near-to-perfect, flawless software that Apple provides.

Mobile Application

With the rise in the number of smartphone users, not having a mobile app for your business means a loss of potential traffic to competitors, leading to a decrease in conversion.


IBM WebSphere MQ is a messaging and queuing middleware that helps simplify the integration of a wide range of applications and data across different networks.


DJANGO uses python as scripting language which is a package of high-level data strutctures and combines dynamic typing and binding resulting in a good choice.


PLAY Framework can be termed as the RAILS for JAVA and SCALA. It has made development using JAVA/SCALA extremely simple. PLAY leverage’s the power.


Siddhatech aims to provide quality and reliable services in technology platforms used to build responsive websites and mobile applications using state of the art tools and frameworks...

At Siddhatech, we aim at providing innovative and impactful software development solutions that’ll help businesses keep pace with the changing technology trends. We are a leading custom software development company in India. We design & develop intuitive and user-friendly web-based apps and desktop & mobile applications.

Since 2007, we have helped start-ups & established organisations alike to achieve their business goals & objectives by coming up with new ground-breaking ideas and building bespoke software applications that have helped them streamline their business processes. We offer a wide range of services and strive hard to ensure that each project we undertake is delivered on-time and on-budget.

As an offshore software development company in India, we’ve successfully delivered projects in India, US, Europe, Singapore and Latin America. Our track record for building & delivering high-performing custom software applications have also earned us accolades from our esteemed clientèle. So, no matter what your requirements are, you can count on us to deliver as we are equipped to handle all challenges and are adaptable to using new technologies based on individual project needs.

We have an in-house team of talented & skilled web designers, developers, QA analysts and project managers. By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to collaborate with top software developers in India who are not only passionate about creating applications that help unlock a new level of performance efficiency but are also keen individuals who study latest trends and are up-to-date with contemporary technologies.

Being a reputable and trustworthy software development company in Pune, our years of experience in this field have enabled us to offer powerful industry-specific software development solutions to small, mid-sized and large companies across varied niche sectors including finance & banking, healthcare, retail among others. Thus, contact us if you are looking for the best custom software development company in India and we’ll help you find the right solution based on your requirements.


ART – approaches the problem of application lifecycle management within a large IT organization. With ART we provide an integrated platform for managing the entire lifecycle – from initiation to post-implementation support. The Roadmap and Dashboard sections provide comprehensive reports to management on the health of the projects/programs.

SecureContainer - A mobile application that containerizes features developed for an organization. With a single Container App you can access all the digital services provided. The Secure Container is live in one of the largest banks in the Caribbean and is being piloted by several other banks in South America.

Advanced Roadmap Tool
Siddhatech Secure Container

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