WhiteBOX testing – a forgotten art Banner Image
April 17, 2018

Software Testing has evolved to become one of the most important invest areas of any financial services software budget. It has taken on many dimensions such as functional testing, automated functional testing, user acceptance testing and so on. However, the origin on software testing – which can be called as white box testing has been relegated to the sidelines. Whitebox testing focusses on the testers (usually a programmer) ability to understand the underlying implementation of the code. Lets take an example of a webpage – a whitebox tester will select inputs for the fields which will traverse all the pathways of the code and then compare expected with actual results. For this knowledge of programming is essential and more importantly knowledge of good programming is essential because the errors or defects detected will not just be functional but also programmatical in case severe inefficiencies are detected in the testing.

One of the reasons this discipline was sidelined because it requires programming knowledge and during the hey days of the software industry there was always a shortfall of programmers. So what evolved instead was a manual testing industry, however that only serves as a Quality control measure and not as a Quality assurance measure. Here at Siddhatech we take pride in our whitebox testing abilities. We have invested in training our programmers in whitebox testing. Our studies show that investing in whitebox testing can reduce the cost of maintenance by almost 30%.