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October 12, 2009

PHP , AJAX , JAVASCRIPT , DHTML are today becoming the center of all web based development systems which are primarily focusing on building rapid applications . With MYSQL (database server ) and APACHE (web server ) being available for free , the open source community has been witnessing tremendous improvement in the nature of web applications . We are moving towards the next generation of the Web Applications.

Web based applications are trying to emulate their desktop counterparts. The days don’t seem very far when all web based applications start responding like desktop applications. Rich UI features and fast response times were the advantages of the heavy client applications.

With the coming of Internet 2.0 – AJAX , WIKI , BLOG , RSS we are witnessing a major architectural shift in the web applications.

For developers AJAX is the “lost+found” thread connecting the web based application o the server.

Typically when a user types in request on any web form and submits it , the form gathers the information and sends it to the server. The server then responds accordingly taking the appropriate action. In the meanwhile the user has to be satisfied by witnessing a blank screen taking time to load while the server is busy handling the client’s response.

Thanks to AJAX this can be completely avoided. (For more information on AJAX : “please read here”.

With the proper application of technology web based products can now become more user friendly and more user controlled.

We, at Siddhatech have been working on AJAX , PHP , DHTML for the past few years and have mastered the technique. Please contact us for further details and we shall be more than glad to show you our flagship products which have been centered on AJAX and PHP.