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January 10, 2013

We have achieved our target of updating our skills to these Web Frameworks Symfony, Django, Play. A big thanks to our clients for being so supportive !

Symfony2 Framework
A while ago we had written an article on Symfony2 and how we planned to use it on all our Php based projects. Well – we have successfully completed close to twenty large sized projects and we are pretty satisfied with the components and the overall working of the framework. The grudge we still have is that the learning curve is extremely high and it takes a good 2-3 months of time for even a fairly skilled developer to understand the nuances of the framework.
All said and done we now have a fairly skilled team to confidently handle the framework. SonataAdminBundle and the FOSUserBundle cover up for the absence of the admin generator application found in the earlier versions of the Symfony. A lot of bundles are being created in the community – we have used some of them safely in our projects- one of the more important ones being the ElasticSearch bundle – ElasticSearch is based on the famous Lucene Search Tool.
Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries , doubts regarding the usage and our team will gladly help you out.

DRUPAL 7.0 and it’s earlier versions have been monstrous in size though they have been doing a great job as an open source CMS. The news of integrating Symfony 2 components like HttpFoundation, HttpKernel, Routing, EventDispatcher, DependencyInjection, and ClassLoader. Fabien states that it will be easy to interoperate Symfony2 applications with DRUPAL and vice versa. It sounds interesting – and we look forward to reading more on this marriage. Hopefully we will get a chance to implement them in one of our projects soon.

Play2 Framework
Play is based on a lightweight, stateless, web-friendly architecture based framework. It has been designed and architect-ed keeping in mind the advanced frameworks like Rails, Symfony2 and Django , this can easily be called the easy to use Java / Scala Framework. Play is architect-ed around a reactive model: based on event-driven, non-blocking IO.
There are no run time errors and performance is really high. Play2 uses the Scala compiler to type check everything. This greatly improves the performance of the application.

DJango Framework
Django is the go to framework  for the Siddhatech team. We received a fair number of projects in Django as compared to the other frameworks. Pinterest seems to have a hand in this 🙂 . Rails has a tough competition in Django. Python being the language of Googlers there will be a fair amount of demand for this framework in the coming years. The developers of Django have done a commendable job in keeping the framework easy to learn as compared to the daunting Symfony2 and the “not-so-complex” Play2. We will be updating our portfolio soon and the number of sites developed in Django will be evident. We would love to encourage students to study this language in addition to C++ , Java because it could be the top two to three most used language on the web in the coming years.