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July 20, 2011

Symfony Framework :…. the NEW AGE PHP Framework

With the official release date of SYMFONY  nearing it becomes more and more difficult to wait patiently. Tons of new concepts have been introduced  – in fact we feel they should not have named it SYMFONY – there are no traces of the earlier versions of SYMFONY in the new framework. Guess the trademark name will probably be the selling point for this new framework.

Bundles have replaced concepts of plugins and modules. In fact the bundles form the core part of the system. Each bundle will have it’s own well-defined directory structure. In addition to all the source files there is a Resources/doc/index.rst: The root file for the Bundle documentation.

This is especially useful when different bundles are used across projects. For eg a Forum Bundle can be developed once and used across different projects. Custom changes can be made within the project – to the bundle as required.

Understanding SOA , Dependency Injections , Annotations are vital to grasping the new framework.

Doctrine 2.1 has also an important role to play.

The main disadvantage for newbies is that there is no “jobeet like” tutorial as we had available for the earlier SYMFONY 1.x versions. Guess it must be already in edition as this post is being written. This will be a big boost to those who wish to learn and use the framework for application development.

We will be writing more on the different parts of this framework in the coming days ! In fact we have already started developing a couple of applications using SYMFONY 2 .. So stay tuned …