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May 6, 2011

What is the need of a framework in php? PHP was meant to be used as a fast web based scripting language. The ever increasing popularity of the Open Source Technology has catapulted the position of php in the web community today. JQUERY , SYMFONY are some of the most efficient frameworks being widely used by the development community today.

Given all these points – why SYMFONY — why a framework at all? After having developed applications in php for more than 8 years now – we realized that although the php systems were much faster to develop – maintaining a large portal application developed in php was a nightmare. As developers always tend to focus on getting the job done first and then optimizing the code later – php coding got muggier.

When we came across the framework initially we found it extremely daunting – what with the integration of PROPEL, LIME, DOCTRINE,JQUERY -it seemed like a big step for us. But the structure of the framework and the consistency of the API, the documentation that was provided were amazing. Ever since we embraced SYMFONY we haven’t looked back.
We have a team dedicated to work on SYMFONY based projects. There are currently more than 15 sites that are under development.

We have successfully developed applications like FAMLIY PORTALS , TRAVEL PORTALS , SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES , AUCTION WEB SITES , PORTALS FOR AVIATION COMPANIES in SYMFONY. So far we have not hit any roadblocks in our development success.