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May 31, 2010

SYMFONY Challenging, Complete, Thorough!

Why are we boasting so much ? Well , if you read around on FRAMEWORKS in PHP you will realize that SYMFONY probably is the most difficult framework to use and understand fully. Well the comparison is with Zend , CodeIgniter , CakePHP , DRUPAL – so why did we focus on SYMFONY ?

Let me get to that – but before I comment on anything – we do a lot of development on PHP and SYMFONY is just one of the other frameworks we use. But after developing close to 20 websites – yes 20 , we have generally become fond of it.

We love the integration of DOCTRINE , PROPEL , JQUERY , LIME FRAMEWORK , the ease of ADMIN GENERATOR and are really hooked on to it. Unless a client demands it , we tend to be biased with SYMFONY. Yes , we know that the concepts are not 100% original – there is a lot of DJANGO in SYMFONY.

SYMFONY takes a lot of burden off the developer and he / she can truly focus completely on the Business Logic and the User Interface. The correct use of it – writing well structured actions , libraries and plugins also contributes in sharing plugins and objects developed across different projects.

To be more specific we constantly reuse FORUMS , BREAD CRUMBS , PDF report generators , MESSAGING plugins – and this reduces the development speed considerably across different projects.

The AGILE method of developing and managing large projects is catching on and people are realizing that software industry is not the construction industry and the CREATIVITY of a software engineer (developer) is required constantly and not just while developing the blue print ( the software plan) . This change in attitude and approach will force the developer to use the right techniques ( read frameworks here ) to help him keep up to the pace of the project. This will also make the developer realize the importance of using the right framework – be it SYMFONY , ZEND , CodeIgniter.

If you need more information on SYMFONY development feel free to contact us at – We will be more than glad to share our experiences with you.