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October 18, 2010

Software testing – in its various forms – Independent Unit Testing, Validation Services, Integration testing, Systems testing and User Acceptance testing have helped formed a new career stream in the Information technology industry. More importantly offshore software testing has now picked up and most forms of testing mentioned above are now being performed offshore in India and other locations around the world. The number of software testers in India is now almost on par with the number of software developers.

At the lowest level one should expect to start as a test executer. Test execution is the task of executing a test-case as per a well documented test plan. A test executor may make some minor adjustments to a test-case with approval by a senior resource. One of the important gains you make as a test executor is the domain knowledge you secure after diligently executing the test cases. We also get familiar with the test data setup.

Moving on the next level in a testing career is a Test Analyst. As a test analyst you are supposed to understand the core business and create the test cases. The test cases can be for Integration testing, Systems Testing or User Acceptance testing. A Test Analyst also helps to write the test strategy. After gaining experience as a test lead you can then expect to take a position as test lead. As a test lead you will write test strategy or test approach papers and engage with the stakeholders to define the testing engagement overall.