Recession Banner Image
March 6, 2009

Recession should be more commonly termed a corporate season – for which we all need to prepare earlier. Animals prepare themselves for the long brazen winter in harsh conditions. They build up their immune system, stock food , stock other material requirements and prepare themselves mentally for the winter.
In the places of cold regions people tend to prepare themselves for winter by leaving home early to work and return early , look forward to the most enjoyable time to be spent with their families during Christmas!

  • Why can’t we prepare for Recession ?
  • Why can’t we accept the fact that what goes up has to come down
  • Why can’t we accept the fact that this is a global market trend – whenever the supply outgrows the demand – the demand for the supply reduces?

We continue harping the fact that we are in recession? Why can we not create different demands , reduce our intakes , reduce our ever increasing appetites for material quests , think more calmly and start spending less. Start spending more time with family, start spending more time with nature , start spending more time for Yoga and meditation …well all this means we start preparing for recession.

Soon if everyone learns to start preparing for Recessions …there will not be a recession, let the bears and the bulls of the different stock markets in the world continue screaming – remember that is their job and they are doing so ,since they enjoy it. Lets curb our instincts to use the Credit Card if there is not enough to pay off the credit card bill for the next month. Let’s go back to the barter system and start paying on cash, it is the same guys who pushed us to using the credit card who are lying low, saying they are bankrupt.

Well ,let’s finally accept the fact that nature does not allow you to spend more than what you are entitled to –you have to pay for what you took with someone else’s belongings [read money in this case] . So be calm and learn the lesson of recession from nature , and let’s learn to accept the fact that Recession is a season. It will eventually go – but we need to be prepared for the next one before we all get engulfed into a different planet like in “WallE”