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December 8, 2011

PLAY Framework can be termed as the Rails for JAVA and SCALA. It has made development using Java / SCALA extremely simple. Play leverages the power of Java and Scala . It makes it straight forward to build web applications in an environment that is not Java Enterprise centric . We call ourselves a PLAY framework company based in India .

The main seemingly advantages of play are :

  • No configuration required – download and develop
  • Integrated unit testing
  • Play comes with a lot of stuff already built in
  • CRUD – admin UI can be built easily
  • Deployment process is simpler

Play makes use of several popular Java libraries:

  • JBoss Netty for the web server
  • Play provides dependency injection support based on JSR 330. The default JSR 330 implementation that comes with Play is Guice
  • Twirl for the template engine
  • The Eclipse compiler for hot-reloading
  • The Play plugin adds support for building, testing and running Play applications with Gradle.

Apache Ivy for dependency management
Play leverages the advantages of Agile development processes and targets restful architecture.
The integrated test runner makes it easy for you do test-driven development. You can write all kinds of tests, from simple unit tests to full acceptance tests, and run them directly in a browser using Selenium. Code coverage can also measured.

At Siddhatech we have successfully completed more than 3 large portals in PLAY. The richness of the framework and the advantage of a JAVA environment definitely have raised the bar for PLAY.
It is difficult though to compare it against the other well know frameworks like SYMFONY , DJango and Rails since PLAY provides all the features that these frameworks also offer .  JAVA / SCALA with the simplicity of RAILS , DJango and SYMFONY – a dangerously winning combination.