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November 24, 2009

PHP is a rapidly evolving scripting language. The growing open source community and its support for PHP have catapulted it to the league of Java and ASP.NET. Many frameworks are being developed in PHP to add more structure and discipline, to the otherwise easy to use but difficult to maintain language.

Training forms a very important part of our CoE and we have developed in-house training programmes in Symfony, JOOMLA , Expression Engine , DRUPAL , CodeIgniter , Zend Framework . Our portfolio of CoE encompasses verticals from Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Systems , Family Portals , Online Football Fantasy Gaming Sites, Online Travel Sites to Shopping Cart Applications.


Our team of dedicated, experienced and talented professionals enable us to provide the best quality in products and services at very competitive rates. We adapt our working model as the customer needs and provide services in fixed bid as well as time and material mode.


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