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What is IBM WebSphere MQ?


IBM WebSphere MQ is a messaging and queuing middleware that helps simplify the integration of a wide range of applications and data across different networks. Be it on-premise, cloud, mobile or IoT environments, the IBM MQ helps to virtually meet a wide range of messaging needs and delivers information through the use of message queues.

As a single messaging solution, it offers you a reliable environment, wherein, the exchange of information/data between applications and systems are more secured. This helps to not only reduce the costs of maintaining different applications but it also reduces the risk of data loss. IBM MQ can easily work with all the existing applications without the requirement of any code changes. Plus, it is available in 4 different version i.e. standard edition, advanced edition, cloud and as an appliance in a z/OS version.


Advantages of Using the WebSphere MQ


  • Flawless Connectivity – It can help to seamless connect applications no matter the location (local or remote).
  • Faster Speed and High Performance – It helps to increase the speed at which the data is transferred, ensuring faster throughput and high performance.
  • Dynamic Scaling – Its adaptable and scalable model can easily meet the demands of a growing business.
  • Highly Secure – It provides robust security that ensures the integrity of the data is not compromised and it also minimizes the risk of data theft/loss.
  • Real-time Access – It offers real-time access to all, irrespective of the mobile device used, or location.


IBM WebSphere MQ Development


At Siddhatech, we help organizations simplify their business processes through Middleware software development services. We excel in developing and implementing middleware that enables businesses to have better control over their IT resources. With our flexible WebSphere MQ solutions, you would be able to improve the overall throughput of various applications & systems and this, in turn, can help improve the quality of service you provide.

We offer bespoke WebSphere MQ development services in India based on individual business needs and requirements. We have the required skill-set as well as industry experience of working on varied middleware projects for mid-size and large enterprises. From design, development and testing to installation, configuration and after-care support & maintenance, we can be your trusted partner at every step of the way. Thus, if you require assistance with WebSphere MQ Development then contact us now to know how we can help!

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