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SYMFONY Challenging, Complete, Thorough!


Why are we boasting so much? Well, if you read around on FRAMEWORKS in PHP you will realize that SYMFONY probably is the most difficult framework to use and to understand fully when compared with Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP or DRUPAL. So why do we focus on SYMFONY?

Let me get to that – but before I comment on anything – we do a lot of development on PHP and SYMFONY is just one of the other frameworks we use. But after developing close to 20 websites – Yes, 20! we have generally become fond of it.


SYMFONY Application Development


The AGILE method of developing and managing large projects is catching on and people are realizing that software industry is not the construction industry and the CREATIVITY of a software engineer (developer) is required constantly and not just while developing the blueprint (the software plan). This change in attitude and approach will force the developer to use the right techniques (read frameworks here) to help him keep up with the pace of the project. This will also make the developer realize the importance of using the right framework – be it SYMFONY, Zend or CodeIgniter.

As an SYMFONY development company, we love the integration of DOCTRINE, PROPEL, JQUERY, LIME FRAMEWORK, the ease of ADMIN GENERATOR and are really hooked on to it. Unless a client demands it, we tend to be biased with SYMFONY. Yes, we know that the concepts are not 100% original – there is a lot of DJANGO in SYMFONY.

SYMFONY takes a lot of burden off the developer and he/she can truly focus completely on the Business Logic and the User Interface. The correct use of it – writing well-structured actions, libraries and plugins also contribute to sharing plugins and objects developed across different projects.

To be more specific, we constantly reuse FORUMS, BREAD CRUMBS, PDF report generators, MESSAGING plugins and this reduces the development speed considerably across different projects.


What Is The Need For a Framework in PHP?


PHP was meant to be used as a fast web-based scripting language. The ever-increasing popularity of the Open Source Technology has catapulted the position of PHP in the web community today. JQUERY, SYMFONY are some of the most efficient frameworks being widely used by the development community today.

Given all these points – why SYMFONY – why a framework at all? After having developed applications in PHP for more than 8 years now, we have realized that although the PHP systems were much faster to develop – maintaining a large portal application developed in PHP was a nightmare. As developers always tend to focus on getting the job done first and then optimizing the code later – PHP coding got muggier.

When we came across the framework initially we found it extremely daunting – what with the integration of PROPEL, LIME, DOCTRINE, JQUERY – it seemed like a big step for us. But the structure of the framework and the consistency of the API, the documentation that was provided were amazing. Ever since we embraced SYMFONY we haven’t looked back.

As an SYMFONY development company in India, we have a dedicated team to work on SYMFONY based projects and there are currently more than 15 sites that are under development. We have successfully developed SYMFONY applications for family portals, travel portals, social networking sites, auction websites, portals for aviation companies etc. So far we have not hit any roadblocks in our SYMFONY application development success.

If you need more information on SYMFONY development, feel free to contact us at – We will be more than glad to share our experiences with you.


SYMFONY Framework…The NEW AGE PHP Framework


With the official release date of SYMFONY nearing it becomes more and more difficult to wait patiently. Tons of new concepts have been introduced – in fact, we feel they should not have named it SYMFONY – there are no traces of the earlier versions of SYMFONY in the new framework. Guess the trademark name will probably be the selling point for this new framework.

Bundles have replaced concepts of plugins and modules. In fact, the bundles form the core part of the system. Each bundle will have its own well-defined directory structure. In addition, to all the source files there is a Resources/doc/index.rst: The root file for the Bundle documentation. This is especially useful when different bundles are used across projects. For example, a Forum Bundle can be developed once and used across different projects. Custom changes can be made within the project – to the bundle as required.

Understanding SOA, Dependency Injections, Annotations are vital to grasping the new framework. Doctrine 2.1 has also an important role to play. The main disadvantage for newbies is that there is no “jobeet like” tutorial as we had available for the earlier SYMFONY 1.x versions. This will be a big boost to those who wish to learn and use the framework for SYMFONY application development.

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