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What Is Middleware?


Middleware is a software that helps ‘glue’ or ‘connect’ various distributed applications together. Middleware and Integration software is mostly used by businesses who are using different software programs and are in need of middleware solutions that help get these existing programs together in order to achieve a specific end result.

As a hidden software layer that comes with a custom-built functional set of APIs, Middleware helps make communication and data management between the operating systems, databases, network services etc easier. It helps businesses to bridge the gap between legacy systems and this, in turn, helps to significantly reduce the cost of changing the entire IT architecture of an organization.


Different Types of Middleware


Depending on individual business needs and requirements, a Middleware Development Company can help you with the following types of Middleware development.

  • Message Oriented Middleware.
  • Object Middleware.
  • Application Server Middleware.
  • Web Middleware.
  • Content-centric Middleware.
  • Transaction Middleware (transaction-processing monitors).
  • Database Middleware
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Middleware.
  • Embedded Middleware.


Advantages of Middleware Development For Businesses


  • The biggest benefit of Middleware development is the streamlining of business processes. This makes an organization more efficient and effective, thereby helping boosts the overall productivity of the workforce.
  • Middleware development also helps keep your data safe across multiple systems and ensures that there is no compromise on the integrity of information whatsoever.
  • Middleware Integration solutions also help automate various business processes. Plus, it enables you to leverage more from your hardware and software technology.
  • Since Middleware solutions ensure smooth-functioning of various applications at the same time, this ensures that all systems have access to real-time information.
  • It is highly scalable and reliable. It is also flexible to suit various business needs.


Middleware Developers in India


Siddhatech is one of the leading Middleware Development Companies in India offering the best middleware design and development services as per individual requirements. We excel in devising powerful and flexible Middleware Integration solutions that’ll help organizations boost their business processes across a variety of platforms – be it cloud, on-premise or mobile.

Our team of highly-skilled and qualified Middleware developers have hands-on experience of working with different types of Middleware. We can be your trusted partner throughout the Middleware development stage – right from installation to configuration, upgrades, monitoring, technical support and more.

When it comes to Middleware development, we make use of the best technology such as IBM WebSphere MQ. We have created bespoke Middleware applications that are designed to offer high performance in tandem with robust security. Plus, over a period of time, we have worked on numerous small as well as large Middleware Development projects across various industry sectors.

Thus, feel free to contact us if you are in need of Middleware development services. We’d be happy to offer you the required assistance!

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