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Siddhatech aims to provide quality and reliable services in technology platforms used to build responsive websites and mobile applications using state of the art tools and frameworks like SPRING BOOT – JHipster,PLAY, SYMFONY, DJANGO, Objective C and Android. Siddhatech also provides Broker and MQ services for large scale Enterprise Applications leveraging the features provided by the best in industry tools like IBM Websphere and ORACLE Service Bus. Come Web3 – and we are equipped with fully qualified Smart Contract Developers on the Ethereum Network using Solidity.

Our experience in the services industry has increased our appetite for constantly reinventing ourselves and pivoting the frameworks we use in our company for leveraging the best industry standards. We focus not only on following the best industry development practices but also understand the need for constantly training our team to focus more on agile and a test driven mindset.

Technology updates happen rapidly – for a services based IT industry the need to train the team is essential. While the actual training happens on the job – providing great services to our clients is only possible if the developers working on the team are experienced. This implies that they have prior knowledge of the a similar system architecture so that they can focus more on the technical aspects providing a more advanced solution to the end client.

With Web3 being adopted at a lightning pace – working on live projects on the Ethereum network is mercurial giving us the necessary boost to keep abreast the latest BlockChain Technology. Apart from that Frameworks like PLAY, SYMFONY, DJANGO constantly get upgraded integrating newer and faster components that assist developers produce faster and quicker development times with lesser code to maintain. This reduces the overall maintenance cost of the project allowing developers to focus to resolve the issue on hand and let the framework handle the mundane peripheral tasks. PLAY framework with it’s astounding AKKA subsystem, Dependency Injection using Guice, database – functional relational mapping assistance is a developer’s delight.

  • Middleware Development


    Middleware is a software that helps ‘glue’ or ‘connect’ various distributed applications together. Middleware and Integration software is mostly used by businesses who are using different software programs and are in need of middleware solutions that help get these existing programs together in order to achieve a specific end result.
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  • Mobile Application Development


    With the rise in the number of smartphone users, not having a mobile app for your business means a loss of potential traffic to competitors, leading to a decrease in conversion. Having a dedicated mobile app will help to not only increase your business reach far and wide but it will also help your employees to provide better services to your customers on-the-go.
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  • Web Application Development


    At Siddhatech, we are pioneers in building web applications that not only meet the required business goals & objectives but also offers users a super-rich experience. Having worked on numerous projects, we understand the complexity of building and designing web-based apps for varied industry verticals.
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  • Smart Contract Development


    We have a team of enthusiastic BlockChain – Ethereum evangelists who envision that Web3 will engulf the Internet Space within the next few years, moving at  a rapid pace. Given the rate of adoption and acceptance of BlockChain and one of its most popular applications  – the Ethereum network -it is vital to develop and create Smart Contracts that are secure, safe and robust.
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  • JHipster / Spring Boot


    Given our history on creating our own custom MicroServices Architecture our developers quickly accepted the features and wide range of tools provided by JHipster. Understanding security and it’s immense value in today’s Internet – the essence of capturing complex security mechanisms like JWT was one of the masterstokes of JHipster that excited our developer fraternity at Siddhatech.
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  • IBM Websphere MQ

    We provide middle ware development services for enterprise level architectures. Our experts are adept at handling various complexities and communication channel management level issues between different configurations of Queue Managers and Queues using varied data types and conversions.
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  • Django provides the clean development path with a robust architecture and completeness to a developer. This has helped our team working in DJANGO to develop web applications with relative ease . DJango sharpens the blunt edges developed by bad programming practices by developers. We will be more than glad to share with you our experiences and projects we have recently completed in DJango.
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  • iPhone

    iPhone ,iPad –iOS development is not a run off the mill development process. Mobile technology is moving at a rapid pace. Banks , Retail , Entertainment industries are rapidly embracing this platform – creating more demand. We offer services for iOS application development. We have assisted many of our web portal customers port their applications to the iPhone / iPad.
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  • Android

    Our developers have a strong conceptual Java base – and can quickly turn around an Android application. We have been working with our existing clients to port their applications to this platform . Android development has a relatively easier learning curve as compared to it’s Apple counterpart. Our developers have gained the expertise to quickly turn around an Android App.
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  • Play

    The PLAY framework may soon become the most complete and easy to use framework in Java. Given the complexities of the “Enterprise Java Frameworks” – this comes across as a fresh breeze. It may soon gain popularity with it’s relative straightforwardness and completeness.
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  • Symfony

    SYMFONY has been a clear favorite of our team. We have been in business since the time this framework was first made available to the Open Source community. Our experience and knowledge in SYMFONY completely overshadows the other frameworks. Over the past few years we have completed close to 25+ odd projects. We also look forward to working on SYMFONY 2.0 after it’s official launch.
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