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Top Next.Js Templates You Need To Know For Your Projects

Next Js Templates For Unparalleled Website Development

Next.js is a trusted JavaScript framework for creating contemporary web applications. It is an important framework in modern web development for its stability and compatibility with different platforms. The other interesting features of Next.js include effective error management, serverless computing, and file-based routing.

It is also important to note that Next.js templates offer the easiest path to better productivity with the JavaScript framework. Templates help you make the most of pre-designed structures to create a modern website that offers better responsiveness and performance. The significance of templates in Next.js also revolves around their capability to deliver optimal functionality, aesthetic appeal, and a broad range of features.

List Of Best Next.Js Templates

1. Spydea 

Spydea is one of the first choices among templates you should explore with Next.js services by professional agencies. It offers a trusted template for SaaS websites with a blend of TailwindCSS, HTML5 and Next.js. Sypdea offers the flexibility to create more than 17 pages with pre-defined designs. It does not use jQuery and relies only on Vanilla JavaScript. 

The other prominent advantages of Spydea include compatibility with different modern browsers and a simple and easy process to set up the development environment. Spydea also offers the facility of animation on a scroll and guarantees better responsiveness with a Google page speed score of more than 95. 

2. Haiper

Haiper is an ideal Next.js template for creating online banking and payment websites. It is a responsive template that offers more than 6 demo variations and over 15 different types of inner pages. Haiper is one of the lightweight and faster Next JS templates, developed by leveraging React, Sass, Bootstrap, and Next.js. 

The most promising strengths of Haiper include comprehensive documentation, compatibility with multiple browsers, and availability of multiple versions. Another interesting feature of Haiper is that it does not have any jQuery dependencies. Furthermore, it also offers a dynamic contact form and feature for live exchange rate calculation with a smooth transition effect.  

3. Jumpx

Jumpx is the most effective Next.js template for startup founders who have the vision to transform the digital revolution by using innovative ideas. The template brings the best of Sass, React 18+, Bootstrap, and Next.js. The best reason to prefer Jumpx is the flexibility of using them to build mobile apps, startups, web apps, and SaaS products. 

It offers the simplest Next.js layout customisation with the help of comprehensive documentation. The RTL feature with the template also helps you enable Hebrew and Arabic languages on your website. The power of Firebase hosting also guarantees stability when you are working on different new ideas. 

4. Bariton

Bariton is a powerful addition to templates that help you make the most of the capabilities of the Next.js framework. The framework leverages Firebase hosting alongside a blend of Next.js, React.js, and Bootstrap. It is one of the most effective Next.js templates for AI and ML service businesses alongside companies working with IoT, data science, and IT. 

The versatile framework supports operations across all types of operating systems and also offers clear and comprehensive documentation. The most impressive trait of Bariton is the flexibility for customisation while ensuring that it is lightweight. Most important of all, you can access more than 34 pre-built pages with Bariton.

5. Shoponix

If you want to build an e-commerce website, then you can rely on Shoponix. It is the best choice for solving the Next.JS vs React debate as the template uses React, Next.js, semantic UI React, and MongoDB. It offers multi-vendor capabilities alongside the assurance of easier code customisation. 

The template offers a role-based admin dashboard with distinct functionalities for general users, root users, and admin users. On top of that, the template also includes sign-up, pagination, log-on, and payment gateway pages. You can leverage the store management dashboard with the support of comprehensive documentation to ensure effective management of multi-vendor e-commerce stores.

6. Bonik

Bonik is also a trusted Next.js template to build your own eCommerce store or marketplace. It can help you create niche marketplaces, online gift stores, or fashion and grocery delivery platforms. Bonik is the best option for capitalising on Next.js services to create simpler, faster, and better online shopping experiences. 

Some of the notable advantages of Bonik include mobile optimisation, faster performance, Figma support and quality codes. The flexibility for customisation and access to a collection of inner pages can help in creating stores to fulfill different client requirements. With the help of Bonik, you can create SEO-friendly websites and gain traction from the target audience.  

7. Techwind 

The search for templates with Next.js for website development can also lead you to Techwind. It is the ideal multipurpose template for creating landing pages that leverage the capabilities of Tailwind CSS, Next.js, and React. The effectiveness of Next.js layout with Techwind can support website development for different types of businesses, such as startups and big corporations. 

Techwind is an ideal tool for developers as it offers free integrations and offers more than 51 templates for landing pages. In addition, you can also find other components in the template, such as free images, fonts, and illustrations that help create unique experiences for users. 

8. Upcover

Another prominent Next.js template that you should consider when designing landing pages is Upcover. The template is clean, highly responsive, and offers the assurance of higher conversion rates and favorable user experiences. Upcover is the best pick among Next JS templates for creating beautiful landing pages. 

It offers seven different styles for business website landing pages and ensures easier customisation. The best thing about Upcover is that businesses working across any vertical can use the template to create attractive websites. You can also use a dark theme with the template alongside a modern layout and enjoy the benefits of free updates.

9. Treto 

The features of templates like Treto offer the flexibility to create websites that display an individual’s CV or professional portfolio. You would be surprised to learn how efficiently  Next.js services can help developers, programmers, designers, and any professional create a personal website or an online resume. 

Treto allows you to create your own website that you can share with recruiters or on job portals. The most important advantage of Treto is the minimalistic design that just gets better with regular updates. On top of that, the ease of customisation, faster loading speed, and contemporary styles also make Treto more useful. 

10. Naru

Naru is also a powerful choice among templates with Next.js for creating professional portfolio websites. The lightweight and simple design of the template lets you explore your creativity to showcase your talent in the best possible way. Naru has been developed on the foundations of Bootstrap v5.3, Next.js, and React. 

The template helps you create a responsive Next.js layout for well-organised portfolios. Furthermore, it also offers comprehensive documentation and free updates for a lifetime. Naru offers more than 3000 font icons alongside contemporary portfolio designs and faster loading speed.


The advantages of the Next.js template collection show that you can use them for creating different types of websites. You can rely on professional Next.js development services to capitalise on the value of different Next.js templates to build professional and responsive websites. Some of the popular templates include Shoponix, Spydea, Jumpx, Haiper, Techwind, Bonik, and Bariton. 

You can notice how different templates support the development of websites for different purposes. For example, Jumpx helps create startup websites, Treto helps create personal websites, and Bonik is useful for creating e-commerce stores and marketplaces. Contact our team and discover the best ways to leverage our Next.js development expertise right now.

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Is Next.js built on React?

Yes, Next.js has been developed on React and includes additional optimisations and features to create React applications.

Is Next.js a coding language?

Next.js is not a coding language; it serves as a React framework that works on server-side rendering and the creation of static websites.

Is Next.js good for web development?

Yes, Next.js is the ideal pick for web development as the React-based framework offers different features for easier and more efficient web development.

How to become a Next.js developer?

You can become a Next.js developer with skills in JavaScript and React.js workflows. In addition, you must have in-depth knowledge of Next.js, Node.js, React.js, HTML, CSS, RESTful web services, and other tools.

What does Next.js do?

Next.js is a web development framework that offers features to create static websites and for server-side rendering. It offers the building blocks for developing faster, full-stack web applications.

Next.js is a popular framework in web development that offers the advantages of scalability and better SEO results. In addition, you would also discover the benefits of enhanced performance and better developer productivity with Next.js.

Is next better than React?

The question should draw your attention to the fact that Next.js is a React framework. Next.js helps you with web development projects by offering pre-defined templates. On the other hand, React is the ideal choice for developing user interfaces.

What is Next.js development?

Next.js development is the process of creating new web applications rendered directly in clients’ browsers with the help of JavaScript. The prominent highlights of Next.js development include the development of Static Site Generation or SSG and Server-Side Rendering or SSR applications.

Is Next.js built on Nodejs?

Yes, Next.js has been developed on Node.js to tap into the capabilities of Node.js for non-blocking I/O and event loops and enjoy efficient and faster development experiences.

Is Next.js better than Reactjs?

Next.js and React.js are popular JavaScript frameworks that can help in developing web applications. However, they have some differences which make them useful for different projects.

Is Next.js better than Angular?

Angular can serve as the best option when you have to build massive, custom online applications with greater complexity. On the other hand, Next.js is useful for the development of high-performance web applications.

Yes, Next.js will still be a popular web development framework in 2024 for different reasons. It offers different features to build high-performance websites. On top of it, the framework also runs with an active and large community.

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