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September 30, 2013

A recent peek into the queries programmers have started posting on stackoverflow reveals a new development trend that will probably be followed for the next couple of years.

  • The framework of choice at the backend becomes less and less critical – as the JavaScript frameworks start getting more and more popular.
  • The sophistication of the JavaScript frameworks like Ember, Backbone, Angular – makes it easier to manage the “View” of a typical web application.
  • The backend is reduced to storage and retrieval of data in the format expected by the frontend.
  • The backend can therefore range from simple JSON file storages to complex parallel processing implementations using SCALA – AKKA combination.
  • Creating a robust backend that produces data in the format required (JSON) can also make development of mobile apps (native or HTML5 based) a simpler job.
  • Develop one robust backend and let the mobile and web apps consume the data to be displayed to the end user.
    With this trend continuing – focus starts shifting more towards the JavaScript frameworks. Research of these start becoming more and more important than selecting a framework for the backend work.
  • The only hope is that the JavaScript frameworks remain as decoupled as possible from any of the backend framework – Rails, Django, Symfony 2, Play2.
  • The more decoupled the framework the easier will be it’s selection.
  • For programmers therefore – updating skills and adding more feathers to your caps is mandatory.
  • Question that arises – will single page applications be the next trend ?
  • Will backend framework Views have lesser role to play ?
  • Will Routers and Controllers be more prominent in the JavaScript frameworks ?
  • Will the backend frameworks tilt more towards server load balancing, resource management, memory management, cache management?
  • Our recent research therefore proposes that the Scala , Akka combination – or to be more precise Functional programming may become the need of the hour for the next couple of years.
  • As the speed of processors slows down – Scala Akka + JavaScript frameworks combination may soon be the choice of an entirely new brand of application development trend.