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April 4, 2017

One of the largest financial institution from the Caribbean was looking to revamp their existing mobile application and deeply understood the dire need for their customers’ requirement for a swift and easy to use mobile tool. They were aware of the existing loop holes in their architecture – which was a monolithic backend based on the AS/400 system. They required a robust Micro Services based solution to restructure their existing system.

The vision was to simplify the banking experience for their customers and enable as many services ranging from simple account statements to bill payments to loans in the new mobile application.

Here’s how Siddhatech’s Technical Team helped by delivering a mobile and web-based architecture for the bank:

  • Most important drawback that our team immediately identified was the monolithic approach of development. For the architecture to scale exponentially and at the same time provide a quick response required breaking down the monolithic architecture.
  • Our team provided a micro services based solution to handle the requests from the users.
  • The monolithic architecture was then ported to a robust micro services based system using our propreitory architecture (STAR BANK) and using IBM’s MQ technology that interfaced with the existing AS/400 system.
  • The mobile applications developed in Android and iOS were launched within the timeframe expected by the Bank in the Play Store and Apple Store respectively.
  • From day one the mobile applications received superlative response from the customers.
  • Primary reason was the speed of the response from the backend, continuous feature upgrades and most importantly availability of the services with minimal or no downtime from the backend.
  • The primary driver of the entire project was the high technical capability of Siddhatech’s team and agile development partnership with the bank. This helped zoom and deliver features at a speed not expected by traditional BANKERS and traditional process delivery methodologies.

We will be more than glad to share with you our experience and propreitory platform details. Please send us a detailed email at aditi at siddhatech.com with your request and we shall be more than happy to revert.