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July 25, 2011

We can safely call DJango Framework the ‘mother’ of most MVC frameworks, which purely provide the power of architectural design to developers. It accelerates the productivity while maintaining very low learning curve. Django uses python as scripting language which is a package of high-level data structures and combines dynamic typing and binding resulting in a good choice for Rapid Application Development, so in short Django can deliver the code which is easily maintainable very rapidly.
We have been using DJango for the past couple of years and have noticed that it is not just important to understand how the framework functions – but it is equally important to utilize it effectively.

How to use Django effectively :

  • Django comes with its own really powerful templating system, it provides the template inheritance which heaviliy utilizes OOPS methodology. So one should utilize it to follow DRY(Do Not Repeat) and KISS(Keep it Simple Silly) principles.
  • Utilize Django template filters to its max.
  • Django provides a really nice concept of signals , so multiple actions can be notified with signal which can be used for running background processes.
  • Django must be coupled with mod_wsgi whenever possible as it is much faster than mod_python.
  • An effective cache management should be implemented with Django.

Advantages over other competitive frameworks

  • Template inheritance which is really an advantage over other frameworks
  • Internal signaling system which is an added advantage over other frameworks.
  • It is a well matured framework with large documentation available.
  • Really good community support.
  • Less configuration is required – a single settings file and that’s all which is really handy over other frameworks.
  • Strict syntax language results in a well structured and readable code.

Learning Django

  • Fewer configurations, language libraries make it very easier to learn.
  • Strong documentation is available.
  • Very easy language syntax, makes it easier to learn

Our experience with DJango has only accelerated our faith in the framework . All the modern web development jargon can be effectively executed through DJango.

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