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October 15, 2009

The Internet Revolution has changed the way we do business. Eyebrows are raised when the word google is used in any discussion. Google, Yahoo! , MSN search engines have changed the face of the Internet Business . Just when the WWW doom was being discussed , WWW2.0 emerged and has put us all in a fast lane.

The maturity of WWW2.0 is proved by the successful business models implemented by hundreds of companies on the web. BLOGS, RSS , AJAX , WIKIs are the latest toys in the market today.

A company say ABC, which attracts most of it’s customers through it’s site has to take care of a lot of aspects. Agreed ABC saves the cost of a Marketing manager , but then the cost of SEO for the site goes up. Rankings on websites are monitored as closely as Stocks on Wall Street. It won’t be too far when there will be a virtual Wall Street for every search engine in the market. Companies trying hard to maintain an internet presence have to consistently monitor their web rankings to ensure a steady flow of business. Today customers are more aware than they were a decade ago. Web shopping is easier than Window shopping, Web shopping provides more options, opens more avenues.

Well, how is this related to off shoring? This revolution not only has given the consumer more options but has bought the world closer. Today we are talking about one global market. Goods can be sold from Chinese, Indian, Japanese sites and you will never know from where and how the product you bought reached you. Well that’s the analogy. We, Siddhatech are well settled in India, have an extremely talented pool of resources and can undertake any arduous task that suites our profile. You state your problem definition and we provide you a multitude of solutions that you can select from.

We give you a chance to talk to the resources that will work on your project, and you can state your observations. We follow a very simple, uncomplicated method for all projects that we undertake:

  • We consider it very important to have a clear understanding of our client’s requirements. For this an effective communication plays a vital role.
  • Once we establish a comfortable relation with the client, we start the requirements gathering phase.
  • It is extremely vital for our client to be involved 100% in the requirements phase. This is the most crucial phase and important business links can be missed if not given enough attention.
  • Once the specifications are drafted by us, the client gives a formal go ahead. If there is any miscommunication it can be cleared here.
  • The client can be involved with our team during the development phase. We provide reports as per the clients needs. The client can track the development at any given time.
  • Testing is as important to us as is development. We ensure that the only the well tested products are released to our clients.
  • We do not own the source code that is paid for by the client. We release all the IP rights and handle the code to the client. If any of our resources have developed algorithms or invented new methodologies during the course of development, we inform the client about it and keep the IP rights only for specific programs.

When we have the resources, we have the talent; let us serve you to the best of our ability.