Advantages of PHP Frameworks Banner Image
May 26, 2011

PHP has evolved rapidly and is today being used extensively on the WEB. Yes there are other options – RUBY , C#, JAVA , PYTHON – but PHP holds the key ! Reason – the PHP Frameworks that support  it are simple to use as well.

Simplicity makes PHP great and extremely easy to use. But lets face it – the easier a technology – the messier it can get. Novice developers getting introduced to web programming can often turn a simple tool into a complicated wreck machine. It would be easier if someone created or paved a path for them to tread on. Life would become easier. That’s the role of the PHP frameworks !

Today there are tons of them available that help with database integration – ORM (Object Relational Model) , testing , CSS , JavaScript etc. Some of the popular ones –

  • ZEND Framework
  • CakePHP
  • YII

The task to grasp the frameworks probably is daunting initially – but once the developer gets used to a framework he / she would find it extremely difficult to code without one.
These frameworks provide classes and libraries to help integrate your database with the code that will use the data seamlessly. Some of the frameworks provide configuration files similar to the .ini file to set basic application configuration parameters. This helps to segregate code from custom parameters.
Time spent in writing SQL statements is eliminated with the database / ORM class connections that are provided.

Today , test driven development has taken a higher seat than writing code first and testing later. Most of the popular frameworks makes this a habit for developers who really follow TDD.
Developing an application today using PHP therefore one must always consider the different frameworks available in the Open Source Community. It is imperative to use the right stable version of the selected framework. Using a framework also adds a better perspective to the developer’s mindset .

The right framework will take care of the major aspects of developing an enterprise level application by –

  • Managing Routing
  • Taking care of SQL Injections and CSRF codes

These are major development code aspects – which a flat PHP programmer is bound to miss – or spend hours in integration.

Taking into consideration all these points – it is mandatory that a developer makes use of a Framework and researches the selected choice well enough to use for production.