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For more than 10 years now we have been providing services to clients in Europe, US, Singapore, India in Open Source Technologies. We also offer end to end Digital Banking Solutions.

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We are in the Web development services business for the last 10 years. Our Center of excellence is PHP / PYTHON development – though over the years we have worked on JAVA as well.

Quality focus, Strong values We take great pride in working ethically , with zest and ensuring that the right quality checks are in place while delivering projects.

Aditi Dixit

Aditi is an entrepreneur and has been involved in Siddhatech since its inception. Currently at Siddhatech, she focuses more on building teams for working with clients across different regions . Also her prime focus is on developing partnerships with firms that could mutually benefit in partnering with Siddhatech. Siddhatech’s strong focus on Open Source Technologies and maturity in the entire development process makes the job easier.

Email: aditi@siddhatech.com

Jayawant Gogate

Jayawant has been working in the software industry for more than 20 years. He is our CTO – and has been guiding and designing all our major web based applications and mobile projects. Jayawant’s genuine passion for technology and perfection  leads  Siddhatech’s development team to build and achieve the Technical Finesse and Quality that clients look for ! His pioneering work in security and data management is exemplary for the young minds.

Email: jayawantg@siddhatech.com

Abhijeet Dixit

Abhijeet has Trailblazing Banking & Finance IT Expert with a brilliant track record across 20+ years of leading large scale support systems in 5 continents: always delivering game-changing process improvements, products and exemplary motivational leadership.

Email: abhijeet@siddhatech.com

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