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January 11, 2012

More than a week in 2012 and it starts looking very promising indeed. A lot of excitement with exciting projects in the pipeline !
Our team now becomes more focused than ever before on specific technologies – PLAY , DJANGO and SYMFONY. It’s rather difficult to keep up pace with the ever increasing speed of the IT industry. New technologies keep booming up relatively fast. But with a good foundation, we believe a developer can manage to work across technology platforms with relative ease.

A small peak into what we, Siddhatech plan to move forward in the year 2012 –

  • PLAY Framework – we have a lot of interesting projects starting this year. We even managed to complete a large project recently.
  • SYMFONY 2.0 – A new polished version of SYMFONY was released in September 2011. We jumped onto it and managed to complete a relatively large application. All new projects lined up for SYMFONY will be developed in version 2.0
  • DJANGO – The love for DJANGO never dies once you get your hands onto it. Though there are a few projects in DJANGO – we promise to continue working on this platform simply for the love of it.
  • HTML 5 / CSS3 / JQUERY / Ext – New demands to develop applications compatible with the mobile platform probably may make life simpler!
  • Mobile development already gained momentum in 2011 – some interesting API development with Web and Mobile underway in 2012.

Having said this – we also plan to retain our skills in WordPress , Expression Engine and CMSMS.
We currently have a longer waiting period before commencing projects. Wireframing and Graphics designing activities can start immediately. But development now is more organized and planned. Our developers prefer to pay dedicated attention to work on hand rather than jump the gun to new projects. We avoid working with clients who come with the ASAP tag – hey – that just doesn’t work ☺
Software development is an art that continues to evolve in the developer as he matures along. Maturity leads to stable output and better focus on quality.

So this is wishing all our readers and clients a very happy 2012 ! Hope everyone enjoys their jobs!

aditi at Siddhatech dot com